I sit and write this blog after another crazy (but “normal”) week of working on the Blanca crew. We are all learning how to write NEPA documents and analyze what impacts could occur from certain projects, and how to educate others about the importance of disclosing health concerns and how to help if an emergency does occur.  We are also resuming shorebird surveys for fall migration, and getting the wetlands ready for when they are open to the public (which is Friday, July 15!!). The craziness and feeling of lack of time is becoming a normal routine for us (or at least for myself).

Currently, I am still recovering from my surgery that occurred two weeks ago today (on the 14th), and I am feeling a mixture of hope and frustration. Because of my procedure, I am unable to lift heavy objects, which makes cleaning up Blanca Wetlands frustrating because I need help to accomplish anything. However, because of this I feel hblanca2ope, because everyone here has my back and has no problem helping me, which makes me feel like with their support I will be back to normal in no time.

Just like conquering a mountain, there are tough parts where the top feels like it is not in reach, but every step taken is a step closer to the destination. With all of the support I have, I will conquer this mountain and be able to help others in similar situations in the future. And who says this internship is just teaching us about shorebirds and outreach?


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