The majority of this week has been spent focusing on research. I read about the history of the Environmental Justice movement, and how since its acceptance into the political circle it has tried to create a more just society when it comes to environmental equity…but it has not been without major shortcomings. Different questions arose as the idea became more popular, such as for how long communities are affected and what percentage of minorities a community has to have in order to be considered a minority community. They highlighted a variety of social issues that regulators weren’t prepared for. And because of these issues, large clusters of environmental justice networks arose in different areas that addressed citizen concerns specific to the region. The readings have been pretty interesting, and I’m excited to learn more as I continue with them.

I was also assigned to read a wide variety of articles in preparation for some of the work that Los Angeles Audubon  will be doing this summer. The topics ranged from the varying opinions by ecologists on “novel ecosystems,” the different adaptations that have been seen in wildlife that inhabit large urban cores of cities, and on bettering the community college transfer system. Reading about everything that dealt with ecology and the up-and-coming trends in the environmental movement really helped me think more clearly about different ecological issues. It’s always really helpful to learn and read about different perspectives, so hopefully going into the summer I’ll be a little more prepared and well-rounded in my teaching approach.

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