This week started with the Natural History Museum’s Urban Nature Fest event! It was a lot of fun being able to see and learn about the exciting projects that are happening all around the city. I spoke to people who stopped by the table about the20160626_113010 various programs Los Angeles Audubon offers. A lot of them were definitely curious about the birds in their backyards, so I think the flyers gave them a little bit more information. People were also interested in native plants. One of the most popular publications that Los Angeles Audubon has is the “Kill Your Lawn” comic book. (link provided)

Although tiring the event was a lot of fun, and Carlos Jauregui and I were able to reach out to a wide variety of community members.

Another super exciting project I was able to work on this week was the Jefferson Public Library Nature Club! I met with the Young Adult Librarian, and we came up with a plan for our first nature-themed event that will be held later this month. I’m really looking forward to this collaboration with the library! Leslie N. Shaw Park is directly adjacent to the library, so hopefully we can arrange for the students to come out and learn about the plants and animals at the park.

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