This week I was able to work on habitat restoration projects at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. Since the official opening of this 58-acre park, Los Angeles Audubon and park staff have been helping to maintain the trails, plant native species, and inform the surrounding community about the different plants and animals that inhabit the site. I was able to help remove some invasive plants (Russian thistle and castor bean) and wash pots. Once the pots were dry, we seeded them with seed that was collected by high school students earlier in the year. It was pretty interesting being able to see the different types of seeds up close. Eventually the seedlings are going to be put into the park (either the Overlook or our neighbor park, Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area), so I’m definitely hoping they will grow big and strong!

I was also able to check the Malibu Lagoon tern and Snowy Plover enclosure this week. The tern season is coming to a close, so we aren’t seeing as high numbers as we had been seen these past couple of weeks. But the plovers are returning, so it was pretty exciting to see the group that was roosting at the beach. I’m really hoping to see more plovers and all of the other birds who are migrating back from their nesting grounds.

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