I went on my first backpacking trip, and it was awesome. We had some friends who wanted to take us to Zapata Lake and we had a free weekend! We packed our gear and hiked up Saturday morning, learning how tough it is to haul 60 pounds hundreds of feet up over rough terrain. We were all tired by the time we made it to our campsite, but there was a sense of satisfaction that we had not quit. We also learned what gear not to take and how much food we overpacked…like taking a fishing pole and tackle box to use on a lake that has no fish.  But it was still fun, and sleep never feels as good as when you have pushed your limits. We did run into some people on our way to the lake, including a very interesting lady who was looking for a man named Sean who was wearing a blue shirt. Her name was Hope and she told us that he was right behind her and that he should be catching up. Well, she made it to the lake and met a group of people, but no one in a blue shirt. So were not sure if Sean got lost or if he ever existed, but for the rest of our trip we joked that we would never leave Sean behind. 20160724_122606 20160724_083142 20160724_083137 20160723_171329 20160719_160339

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