Last Thursday started off like any other endangered species monitoring day with Robert Patton, but while surveying the birds from a distance Robert noticed one of the chicks was running a bit slower than the rest and was still not able to fly. When Robert approached the bird, he noticed that its right foot looked broken. We quickly picked the bird up and placed him into a bed of soft folded towels in a Playmate lunch box. Anita and I then rushed it to Project Wildlife, where they placed it in a protected area where they will fix the injured leg, rehabilitate the bird back to good health, and release it back into the wild.

This week has been all event planning and getting ready for various summer programs! We are preparing for story time activities for families at the Chula Vista Library, Latino Conservation week on July 23rd, and for own guided bird walks which start July 29th. The summer is going to be packed with adventure!


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