I promised you details about the student field trip to the Blanca Wetlands, but since I have not received the photos from that day I picked a different topic. The topic is simple, and yet essential to everything from nature to everyday life. The Blanca Wetlands opened to the public on July 15th and we wanted to present a beautiful and clean area, so we pulled out the acetylene torches and used good old fashioned muscle to get the job done. It was actually pretty fun, and it felt good to clean up a space that I have come to appreciate and understand. I know how valuable the wetlands are and how it is our duty to maintain them, so by cleaning up the area for the general public I hope to present the Blanca Wetlands’ best side and allow the public to protect their public lands. It’s funny how a little cleanup is taken for granted, and how little we think about trash on a big scale. I will be looking forward to people using the fishing ponds and just enjoying their stay at the Bureau of Land Management Blanca Wetlands!

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