This week Katelyn and I had the opportunity to work with the Earth Discovery Institute, National Park Service, and Climate Kids of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to conduct our first teen summer date with San Diego County Parks and Recreation. Our goal for the day was to focus on teaching about native plants and animals. We had approximately 30 teens aged 10-16 years who came out to the event, and, although it was blazing hot, the teens were all still super excited. We had three stations for the teens to participate in, which included focusing on the key features of a certain animal by trying to draw it, helping restore the habitat by watering plants, and studying different types of animal tracks by making a mold of a specific animal’s footprint. I think the kids enjoyed the animal track station the best, because they got to make either a deer or coyote or some other animal track and then take it home. After the stations were done,  a volunteer from Washington who was a bird expert came and brought some of her birds to show to the kids. She brought a white owl, along with other cool birds, and talked about their key characteristics, habitats, and what they eat. Her presentation was very informative, and I even got to talk to her on the side for a bit about what she was studying. Afterwards, the kids had lunch and then left to go on their next adventure for the day at Torrey Pines. Overall, the day was a success. Although we were all tired because of the 90 degree heat, it was definitely a fun day and I cant wait to work with the kids again for another teen summer camp day in August!

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