As quickly as the journey started, the Alaska Landbird Monitoring System project for the songbird surveys is over. Throughout this experience, I gained quite a bit of knowledge about bird calls and songs, vegetation, and ripped calves. It was a wonderful and exhilarating experience traveling to so many islands and seeing so many birds and other wildlife that I thought I would never encounter in my lifetime. Though we did have some rough days with hurtIMG_0172-1 knees, devil’s club, and chaotic tumbling, my crew and I still survived the wilderness of Vank Island, TWICE! Now my journey takes me to Juneau, where I’ll have one thing I miss the most: office work. It’s time to record all the data from my voyage, so future interns can see what they are going to experience when they come to the Tongass. It has truly been an extraordinary experience that even made my hair sprout like an afro, and I can’t wait to see what other quests await me in the future.

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