If you are a small bird and hear a giant roar of an unknown animal coming your way, you would think “Uh-oh, I need to hide fast!”  The Spruce Grouse mother and her six chicks did exactly what you’d expect when we approached in a loud UTV vehicle on the north part of Ketchikan island, but this little bird apparently thought that a dirt path was way more important then being crushed under the giant UTV tire. Before running into this stubborn bird, the field team, my supervisor and I worked again in Fire Cove, helping out with plots and working on wildlife20160714_172152-1 surveys for proposed projects for next year. Jon was able to spot the butt of a black bear, there were more cutthroat trout in the streams next to our surveys, and of course we ran into this family of Spruce Grouse with one bird that was either the bravest I have ever seen or the dumbest. Being in Ketchikan for two weeks has exposed me to different environments, both city and wildlife. The crew I work with are amazing people, and the places I get to see from the float house and in Fire Cove are breathtaking. I am so glad I can have my birthday up here in Alaska, and would tell anyone that if they had the chance to come to Alaska they should definitely visit Ketchikan.

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