DSCN1866This week has been quiet, but fruitful. I was finally able to have some office time so I could get caught up on work emails and get some new projects rolling. On Tuesday, Robert Masolini and I spent a day in the field putting up more ultrasonic detectors. These detectors recognize and record acoustic bat activity, and are a part of an ongoing bat inventory project. A couple of months ago, the wildlife team and I spent a lot of time getting this project rolling for the summer. We went out to various sites that we felt were ideal bat habitat, based on the landscape and proximity to water. Many of these sites have what seems to be an ideal feeding site, corridor, or roosting site. We conducted a vegetation survey of the area surrounding the bat detector, to help researchers determine if bats in Prince William Sound have certain habitat preferences. The audio detectors will help researchers, first of all, confirm their presence at a site, and secondly to determine how they are utilizing these areas.











The rest of my week was spent getting caught up on work and cleaning house. Matt Prinzing and I spent many hours this week cleaning and organizing the wildlife gear cache, which I actually enjoyed doing very much. I love to organize! It’s looking pretty spiffy now. Catching up on sleep and more nagoonberry picking was an added bonus too. The days have been getting shorter and we actually have darkness at night now. If it wasn’t for this incessant rain, we might have gotten a good view of the auroras this week. Sigh… Crossing my fingers for next week! Au revoir.




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