I knew the end was near, but I didn’t think it would happen as fast as yesterday. It was my last time driving the company vehicle, my last time eating lunch with the bugs and the crew, my last time being on the wetlands as an employee, the last time I had to enter my password and enter this blog. I am sad that this chapter is closing, but it has been the one chapter that has brought me the best opportunities. From California to the Alpine Loop and down the beaches of Lake Havasu, not only did I grow as an EFTA intern but I also grew as an individual by expanding my horizons. I want to thank Jill, Sue Swift-Miller, and Susan Bonfield for even considering me, Aileen for always helping, all BLM employees, and especially all of the law enforcement officers who have embraced me. I write this knowing that this is a chapter worth closing, because I know the next one will be filled with graduation, full-time employment, and the satisfaction of knowing that this was the chapter that got me there.

Thank You!!!!

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