It’s almost event week! Anita and I are preparing activities for two events coming up in the next couple of weeks here at the refuge. Our first event will be the Teen Summer Program, where we will be taking the kids around the refuge to explore and teach them how to use the new Discover Nature App. We will also be making edible aquifers to demonstrate how the pollution on the surface of the earth can also affect the layers and water stored underneath us. The second event will be another Discovery Lab at the Tijuana Estuary, where the theme this month will be explaining why animals don’t wear clothes but instead had specific adaptations to their own habitats. Anita and I are creating an arts and craft table, where they can pick a few of the adaptations they learned from the other tables to create an animal species of their own and design its characteristics based on the specific habitat they would like their animal to live in. I’m really looking forward to these upcoming events!

This week we also had our second guided bird hike at the new birding trails. We only had one person attend this week’s hike, but she was an amazing and inspiring person. She is a member of the San Diego Audubon Society, and she knew a lot about birds! She shared many stories with us, including how she began birdwatching as a young girl, and we learned some really fun facts about birds that she has seen while living in Hawaii and traveling to Costa Rica. It was great meeting her today, and hopefully next week there will be more people on the hike.

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