Our first guided bird hike is almost here! This week we are mainly focused on handing out all of our flyers for our event this Friday. We will be inviting guests to join us for a guided bird hike on the new birding trails and decks at the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Our goals for the event are to educate the public and locals on shorebird conservation and to invite everyone to enjoy the new trails. For our first hike there were only two people who attended, but it was a perfect opportunity to practice our program and improve any talking points for next week’s hike.    

The topic for story time today at the library was about the changing seasons, and how the birds depend on all of them when migrating. There were about 10 kids and 8 adults that attended the reading and activity. After reading a book about the different seasons, we invited the kids and their parents to participate in an indoor bird bingo activity where they would have to search around the classroom for plush birds until they found all 10 and marked them off of their sheets.The kids got so involved and excited that they all started to show us their completed sheets. To end the activity, Anita and I passed out bird bracelets to award them for their hard work in finding all the birds, bookmarks inviting them to visit us here at the refuge, and a laminated bird identification card we created to list a few of the common shorebirds they might be able to see at the refuge or beach.

On Thursday there were 42 people who attended story time, so for our activity we kept it simple with a animal tracks and scat table where the kids could interact with the samples we brought. There were whole bunch of little ones under the age of two, which was a difficult challenge to organize an activity for, but the table sure attracted their attention. In the end the kids still had a great time and were all given stickers for being great listeners during the story reading.

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