Although it makes me sad that this internship has come to an end, I am so grateful to have had all the amazing opportunities that this experience has offered me. I have met so many intellectual people, such as the Mayor of Imperial Beach, Serge Dedina, biologists like Robert Patton, and researchers like Dena Emmerson. I’ve not only learned so much about shorebirds, but also about ways to do outreach to local communities, the importance of forming partnerships with other organizations, and how much effort needs to be put into preserving nature. I’ve never realized how much time and work it takes for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service rangers like Lisa Cox or Chantel Jimenez to advertise and organize school field trips, clean ups, ribbon cuttings, and other events. Some of my favorite events included the International Migratory Bird Day, Bee Pollinator week, Bayside Ribbon Cutting, Anza Elementary schoolyard habitat establishment, and many others. I’ve loved working with the Earth Discovery Institute, Ocean Connectors, Audubon Society, Education Outreach, Parks and Recreation, and many other organizations. This experience has definitely made an impact on me in developing a greater appreciation for the environment and wanting to keep pursuing my environmental engineering major in college. I’m thankful to have had this exciting and memorable experience with my new friend, Katelyn Gomez, and I can’t wait to see what else the future holds for the both of us.

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