My heart nearly stopped when I saw this beautiful amazing black bear fishing right next to us, catching fish as if they purposely swam into its mouth. I first spotted this bear only ten yards away from me, both of us making eye contact before he continued down the hill to this stream filled with pink salmon. It was terrifying, but also probably the most memorable experience I’ve had in Alaska yet. This video was taken when I went on two day trips up to a place called Margaret and helped our fish biologists and hydrologists look at the creek that enters Margaret Lake. We saw so many salmon like the one in the video, and they were swimming under our feet! I accidentally stepped on one, but it made sure I wouldn’t do that again when it slapped my leg with its tail and almost knocked me in the water. This experience was definitely a wonderful way to end my chapter in Ketchikan, and next Monday I will be in Sitka where I will be working with the fish biologists there looking at their weirs and counting a huge wave of sockeye salmon that are passing through. I can’t wait until my next adventure, but the next one after Sitka will be my last.  Then my adventure in Alaska will close, but it opens to a sequel with my adventures in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

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