There has been a theme in my life for the past two weeks.  We wake up early, drink coffee, meet the crew, and then jump into rubber waders even though it gets up to 90 degrees outside. We collect macroinvertebrates and water samples from ponds that contain more salt than an ocean, as well as smelling like a dumpster full of leftovers, then sit in a car with A/C over lunch and complain about the heat. After lunch we all jump back into our waders and keep on collecting samples until we finish the day and go home exhausted. Then we do the very same thing the next day! If it sounds like a blast, well it is! I love working with my coworkers, and we have fun doing a job that is essential for management decisions. The crew that we have fits together like puzzle pieces, and we all compliment each other’s abilities. This summer has been the best summer job I could have asked for and I am glad that I contributed to something larger than me!20160809_151624

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