Recently I posted about the Earth Conservation Corps (ECC) becoming the coordinators in DC for the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program. We have been rolling with the idea to host an after school club at a nearby elementary school in order to have an audience that wants to learn more about waterfowl. This week we sat down to discuss how we could get started and what we would need from our incoming ECC members to have a successful first year. Together we decided to aim our club at 3rd graders, and we want to make sure we promote both art and science in every meeting.

Our new Field Director does not have any experience with environmental education, and was actually quite worried about taking on this project. I felt a sense of pride  explaining to him how I felt scared when I gave my first animal presentation, and gave him plenty of examples of activities he could do with the club right off the top of my head. Moments like these remind me that environmental education is really where my heart lies, and I need to  pursue every opportunity I have to gain more experience in this field. I hope to find a full-time position in outreach and education, but I have also been looking at various internship opportunities.

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