This was the first week of the Los Angeles Audubon and ReDiscover’s summer camp! All week a group of about twenty students spent their mornings learning about different aspects of Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, as well as larger ecological concepts of Los Angeles. Students learned about their local watershed, insects, different bird species inhabiting the park, plate tectonics, aquatic invertebrates, water chemistry, and a lot more! In the afternoons the students spent the rest of their day learning about the basics of using hand tools. Each of them constructed a lizard habitat, a mountain range, and some even a mountain range with storm clouds and makeshift rain droplets to represent their watershed!

It was definitely a fun week! The students were really interested in the many topics we spoke about. And although it was pretty hot on most days, they stuck with it so their positive attitude made it all the more enjoyable. I learned a lot from the students during this week, and it is something I’ll always carry with me (especially as we go into our second week this coming Monday). Getting to know them and having to say goodbye so quickly was tough, but it was a really worthwhile experience.

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