This week was full of a lot of really fun and new projects. Early in the week was the first nature club event at the Jefferson Public Library (Vassie D. Wright Memorial Public Library). We spoke to the students about bird anatomy, migration patterns, and Binoculars 101, and some students even shared personal stories they had about their experience with birds. It was a lot of fun and I really hope we are able to have another event soon.

I was also able to conduct Snowy Plover roost surveys this week. These past couple of weeks we haven’t seen too many of them, so it was nice to see them back at the beaches in larger numbers. These surveys are always pretty interesting, because if we don’t see many plovers in one beach (where we normally would) we’ll most likely see them at another beach nearby (sometimes). So it’s fun to see how they move from beach to beach.

Another really cool project I was able to help with was the Esperanza Elementary School Garden. Los Angeles Audubon staff went to look at the site and brainstorm plant placement ideas, possible paths through the garden, and even larger aesthetic features. Esperanza Elementary lies in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, so the importance of a native garden feature at the school goes beyond it being a benefit to wildlife. It can act as a teaching resource for educators, a place to view birds or lizards, and a different space (other than a jungle gym or asphalt) for kids to enjoy. I’m really looking forward to working on this project!

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