This week I had the opportunity to return to the site of our Conservation Art Show, and do a little bit of restoration work. The Leo Politi Elementary School habitat has largely been on its own for the past couple of years—the native shrubs no longer require much water and the invasive plants only occasionally make an appearance. But for this week of high temperatures here, it was important that the Los Angeles Audubon staff and myself go out and water the habitat and fix basins for some of the grasses that were put in recently and the trees which aren’t yet fully established. I always really enjoy visiting the site because of how much growth there has been throughout the years. The saltbushes are huge! The buckwheat is flowering and is constantly visited by insects! There’s just so much life, and of course the students always have so many questions. It’s truly an inspiring sight.

This week also marked the beginning of the Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program’s bootcamp! Students will go through two weekends of instruction on a wide variety of environmental topics. It should be a lot of fun working with students who are interested in these topics, especially since some are returning to the program for a second or third year and there are others who are first hearing about these concepts. I’m sure it’ll be busy, but very rewarding as well.

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