Next week will be my last week here in Newport.

Six months just flew by. I feel so happy to be going home, but I’m also sad to leave such a beautiful little town. I’ve enjoyed this place and will truly miss the people, the food, and the naturaleza (nature)–the ocean, the forests, the whales.

Six months ago I was a totally different person. I’ve acquired a ton of knowledge during my internship and the confidence to pursue a career in the outdoors. I can now talk to you about tide pools or birds for hours on end. I was able to participate in ongoing research, vessel surveys, and community outreach during my time here.

Six months ago I was afraid of being alone in this distant place, but now I have fun doing activities on my own or with friends. I feel so much stronger and more independent. I got back into reading, journaling, and surfing during my time off. I was able to learn so much about myself.

Overall, six months ago I didn’t know I could learn and grow as much as I did during these past six months.





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