We wrapped up the second week of Los Angeles Audubon’s summer camp this Friday, and it was an experience that I would not easily trade. From working at the summer camp these last two weeks, I’ve found that you can never really be fully prepared to talk to a group of people, no matter the age. It can be pretty helpful to gauge the overall personality of a group, but even then there’s a risk that there are mistakes in your assumptions. During the camp in moments of quiet (which, as expected, were seldom experienced), I thought of how a much more worldly perspective can be helpful in any area of study, whether it’s teaching students at a summer camp about native bees or trying to come up with really great ideas for creating awareness for migratory shorebirds. I feel like the experiences with the summer camp, although short, really shed light on how there isn’t a single right way to approach things. There are always other opinions that are completely logical, and a wide variety of experiences that can be applied to any situation. Which in the end, of course, makes things a little more complicated…but if everyone can be considered right at the beginning it can only make things better.

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