This past week I had a chance to catch up with Sue, since we have both been in and out of the office so much. But before I went to the office, I made a quick trip to Silverthorne to give a talk about birds. We started off with Common Ground, then played a song map activity from our Junior Birders Journal, which I should have planned better since there weren’t many birds but there was a lot of construction noise in the background. Then we played a game to learn about crows’ memories, and we finished off with the Migration Game. Once I got back from the office we discussed the benefits of each app for the Western Hummingbird Project. We believe it may be better to create our own app in the end, so stay tuned with the next intern to see how it goes! I also helped Oz complete more surveys for Longmont Inspire, and we will be doing another program August 5th! We will be taking the kids out to swim at Union Reservoir. This week I also helped organize the office, and sorted through all of our activities to make it easy to find things when we need them. These next two weeks are going to be quick and very exciting, so wish me luck!

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