So, in my featured picture you may notice that there is mud on my arm, my hair is a bit messy, and, oh yes, it’s white. It’s just another day working out at Blanca Wetlands. When you come home looking like that, you know it was a good day at work.

We finally have gotten the macroinvertebrate sampling down, but that does not mean that we come out o20160802_095116f the ponds clean (or smelling like roses for that matter; the ponds smell AWFUL!!), but it is a fun job to do.

We are also continuing our shorebird surveys, with the help of Lisa Rawinski. The goal is to pair the insect samples with the species of birds utilizing the pond. What a cool data set that will be when it finally gets teased out, because it’s not just one season but YEARS of data that is analyzed twice a year! (Sorry, I had to nerd out there.)

It feels like summer has just started but our monsoons are here, which means the end of summer and the start of school just around the corner. There is a lot of living left to do in the next few short weeks. I hope it all goes well!!

Until we talk next week, Swamp Monster Jr. (that’s me, because I am to short to be the real swamp monster) is signing off and will be back next week!

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