This Friday is my last official day of my internship.

I leave Newport, Oregon, that night and start another chapter of my life near my family in Bakersfield, California. I recently accepted a position with AmeriCorps for their Building Healthy Communities Program, a non-profit focused on providing services, in this case to at-risk youth. I will be mentoring students from the high school I graduated from, to encourage them to graduate and go to college.  Although I will not be working in the conservation field directly, I will be involved in the Kern Audubon Society in Bakersfield, and will take part in their events and meetings. I plan on sharing with the students my love and appreciation of birds to inform them about the career options available. Before continuing with grad school and to better decide on a program, I want to explore whether I want a career focused on helping people or strictly on conservation. Nevertheless, I am SO excited to be home after being gone for about a year.

Thank you to EFTA, the BLM, and to OSU’s Seabird Oceanography Lab for such an amazing internship! They say “when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work,” and now I know the truthfulness behind that saying. 🙂


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