FullSizeRender-4So, on my last Longmont Inspire adventure, we took the kids to Union Reservoir to swim, paddle board, and kayak. It was a cloudy day, which I think prevented some of the kids from coming out with us that day, so we had a smaller group then expected. But this worked to our advantage, since we didn’t have to worry about each kid not being able to kayak or paddle board, or some kids having more time in one of the activities than the others.




We were super lucky to have a parent participate that day!


Our day started off early. Sue, Oz, and I had to be at St. Vrain Village around 8:30 a.m. to try to be there before the kids, but some of them still beat us there. Then we left around 9:30, rented our equipment around 10:00, and pretty much played for the rest of the time until 1 p.m. We split the groups into two, one for kayaking and one for paddle boarding. The kids alternated on their own when they felt like it. It was a pretty easy day. I had to share a paddle board with a young girl because she was too small for her own, and while we were paddling around I asked her, “What is your favorite thing to do?” and she replied, “This!” My heart filled with joy, knowing that we give these kids a really amazing opportunity to go outside around their city and see what is around them. I didn’t get a chance to see how many of them had been to the reservoir before, but I wish I had. That day made doing all of the super long surveys worth it.

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