You find it everywhere, and it is literally everything. Life is chemistry and chemistry is life! Throughout the summer I would work with different people and they would very often ask me, “What do you do with chemistry?” I would smile and tell them, “Everything!” The trick is being able to see it or think on a level where chemistry is pertinent. Everything that happens is dictated by chemistry, and our ability to understand this has advanced science, technology, and the welfare of all living creatures.

Chem cat

All of biology can boil down to chemistry, and all of chemistry can boil down to physics…but that’s a story for anther day. But back to the idea of biology, a career in resource management requires an understanding of the resources that you are managing. Resource management doesn’t sound like the world’s funnest job, and in all reality it isn’t, but you still need people who are willing to protect those resources in a way that is sustainable. My chemistry background, along with the experience I have gained, has prepared me for a career with the federal government where I can effectively manage resources on America’s public lands.

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