This week Katelyn and I participated in our last Discovery Lab at the Tijuana Estuary. The theme was “Why don’t animals wear clothes?” and so several stations were set up to help teach families about this hot topic. We worked with the state park staff, along with Ranger Lisa Cox, to get the public excited about learning about native animals. There were several booths that each focused on certain characteristics that animals have that distinguish them from other animals, such as those that have feathers, scales, or fur. At each station, the kids got to listen to a little presentation about those kinds of animals and ask questions. Afterwards, they came to Katelyn and I to put all their knowledge to the test. The kids got to make an animal mask out of all the materials we supplied them with, but before they made it we asked them to think about what they wanted their animal to look like or do or where they wanted it to live. We asked each one of them questions about their animal, like if they wanted it to be able to fly or swim, if it should be scaly or furry, if it’s going to live in water or on land, and other questions of that nature. The kids were all excited about making their animal masks, and they all spent a fair amount of time creating them. They used colors, feathers, cotton balls, sparkly tape, and other craft supplies. At the end, their masks looked super cool and way more creative than my squirrel and Katelyn’s octopus. Although we only had about fifteen kids that made masks, they all loved it and so we even gave them a few extra plate masks to take home so they could create another one later!

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Asnoldo · September 29, 2016 at 1:49 pm

how many youth were in attendance?

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