When I started this internship I was excited about the opportunities, but I still wasn’t that excited about birds. I have always admired raptors for their beauty and the simple fact that they can FLY everywhere! I had never even heard of shorebirds before this internship, but I now have an admiration for them. For example, the Snowy Plover travels thousands of miles every year even though it is about the size of a tennis ball and just about as round. My question is how a creature so small can make such an incredible journey, not to mention survive all the other obstacles that get in its tiny little way. Or the fact that shorebirds don’t have the means to fight off a predator from their eggs, but will instead use themselves as bait to lure the predators away. Basically, the more I find out about shorebirds the more fascinated I became with them. However none of this would have ever happened if I had not taken the internship and invested myself in the work. I believe that if I can have this change in perspective, then anyone’s mind can be changed by finding a way to engage them with shorebirds!

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