This was the last week for my Environment for the Americas (EFTA) internship, and it truly feels like the six months flew by! This week I was able to help survey for Snowy Plover roosts at Hermosa and Dockweiler Beach. And, again, it was really fun visiting the documented roost locations and (luckily) finding the plovers! We also saw large groups of Sanderlings and Willets while we were at the beaches, and they’re always a treat. For the internship this week I also found games that I plan to integrate into education programs for Los Angeles Audubon. They seem like a fun mix of physical activity and critical thinking, so I hope the students get a lot out of them.

My time with both EFTA and Los Angeles Audubon has been incredibly worthwhile, and has helped to direct a lot of my future career plans. Having the opportunity to work at a non-profit organization, especially one that focuses within the urban core of Los Angeles, has shown me a lot of different perspectives on how to get a goal accomplished and also how much opportunity and potential lies within our concrete structures. I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity, and it is something that I hope to pay forward as I continue my career in the environmental sector.

Thank you to EFTA, Los Angeles Audubon, and everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with these last six months.


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