Last summer I would have told you that I was going to finish my degree and then apply for graduate school to get my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. I still have that option, but that is not what I want now. This summer has changed my life–I love working for the Bureau of Land Management, and I know that I would be an excellent fit! I had the ability to work with many different individuals on different programs this summer, and I couldn’t see myself spending my time doing something else. I gave 110 percent effort at work, and it was always appreciated; I never felt that my work was meaningless. My supervisors have to be some of the most incredible individuals in the agency. The amount of autonomy they gave us allowed us to grow and take on challenges with critical thinking, but they were still there to provide guidance and support when we needed it. I didn’t love all of the jobs that we had to complete but I understood why we had to do them, and even a bad day outside was still better than being stuck inside! I now know that I can work with any group of people on any project, and that I will make a positive contribution to the group efforts.

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