“Forged by Iron sands of Yucatan and blessed with the purity of a loving warrior’s spirit by the rings of our great mother. There is much story and interest that I take but I’ll list my favorites. I am proud wielder of the pen’s swiftness speaker through the remixes of the dictionary. I am Ak’bal Ix the Night Jaguar of the lost city of Chichen Itza. I love me some mangos with chile and lime. My sweet tooth has not been forgotten I am in love with chocolate deep and rich in color like my skin. How the great sun has kissed my to both my eyes and my flesh and lead into the battle by the light of great moon goddess. Using the strength of my gifted sword I conquer all the challenge my path. All listen to my voice given to me by the wielders of thunder and lighting to bring great bass to when I speak.”     -Izzy

Hello the name is Izzy

That was a little poem I wrote since I love creative writing more than just a bland story. I am a Colorado Native, and I am Mayan. I am currently taking a gap year to figure out what I want to study, so that’s fun! Some of my hobbies are writing, reading creepypastas, sleeping, adventures in nature, and learning anything and everything. Favorite music genres pretty much all but I’m not a huge fan of country. My top 10 favorite artists are Conor Maynard, Alex Aiono, William Singe, Ar’mon and Trey, Romeo Santos, Monstercat, Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G,and Ariana Grande I am one weird compilation of everything, and I can be extremely sassy. I joined EFTA because I love our great Earth and have an admiration for birds. My favorite bird would have to either be the Red-tailed Hawk or the Northern Mockingbird. I am really excited to tell y’all about the journey here with EFTA as the Community Outreach Intern!

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