Well after a great and amazing week in California I am back home. I am glad to be back but I will miss the salt water smell in the morning. Now when I got back home I was somehow extremely tired. But I still had to get back to work, which is not bad. I will be honest I was intimidated, for starters I was the youngest out of the bunch so you get that “baby” position. BUT I was determined to jump right into it with the beast. The biggest part though, was that I had very little to no experience in this field, I am straight outta High School. So yes I think it was logical to be a bit scared, but the community seemed welcoming so I picked up quickly. Now I am not like the rest with the strongest ability to identify in seconds, I need to condition myself since I learn with practice. What I am most definitely more confident in, is counting. Oh by the rings of accuracy I can get really close numbers a lot more quicker than the group, so that gave me confidence. I jumped into this internship with a big hand to deal. After San Diego I regained my motivation and felt inspired. So I am back home ready to work!

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