Hello everyone! This week I was blessed enough to meet up with two wonderful previous EFTA interns whom I had the pleasure to survey with! I met up with Daniel (previous Monterey intern from two years ago) this past Thursday and we surveyed all the sites at Elkhorn Slough: Parson’s Overlook, North and South Marsh, and Jetty Road. He helped clearly establish the boundaries and was just great having someone else along for a change :).

While we were trying to survey the South Marsh area, the shorebirds got flushed away; We thought we heard a loud splash, but when we turned there was nothing there. There happened to be two raptors nearby, but we were puzzled as to the exact reason of why the birds rushed off. We happened to stumble on this egg at the side at South Marsh, Daniel commented that the egg was probably dead at that point 🙁

(anyone happen to know what bird this could be from?)

The other areas were a breeze, with school children passing by a few times and staring at the spotting scope.. yay future scientists!

Jetty Rd. was our final destination and it was also here were Daniel gave me some great advice on counting birds and making my birding experience count, as well as other prospects of a career life 🙂

And here’s Daniel at Jetty Rd. (with me barely in view haha)

Tip- don’t ask the short person in the group to take the picture.


Earlier today (3/26) I met up with Hugo (Monterey’s EFTA intern from 6 years ago) to practice a few more surveys. We concentrated on Parson’s overlook where we started to notice the molting stage on the Black-bellied Plover. Rare species noted were Spotted Sandpiper and yellowlegs. Most common were Marbled Godwits, Willets, and plovers, along with a few whimbrels and peeps. Hugo was a great assistance as he also shared other aspects of the birds such as feeding behavior, where they like to be (at the edge of the water/in water), and particular markings they have during flight. Just hearing him made one realize how much knowledge and experience in bird watching he has, and was a blessing and joy having him out in the field today.

(There he is… Jetty Rd. Once again).

This is it for this week, and I know it might be short, but honestly can’t say much more than that the actual experience is pretty indescribable and you would have to experience birding yourself. But so far I’m learning so much from so many great people; from the previous intern stars that have come so far from their time in the EFTA internship, to new working acquaintances at the Slough and BLM- this whole intricate network of people that love what they do and have a passion and drive for the environment…

It’s just awesome to be a part of it.

Until next time… go outside and take a second glance..

(especially if you can do it through a spotting scope) 🙂


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Hello everyone!! I'm a recent CSUMB graduate and hence fresh marine scientist! I'm super excited to start this internship with EFTA and use my learned skills in real life, particularly in a field of interest!! Born in Santa Cruz, raised in Watsonville, Christian and total animal lover (particularly aquatic :), I hope you enjoy my blog as I write about this new adventure! cheers, and GOD BLESS!! ^_^/

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