1. After doing copious amount of office work, numerous phone calls, countless emails to science teachers, preschoolers, kindergarten, middle school, high school, organizations, churches, private groups for outreach throughout the week, I got to do some fieldwork on Friday. We started bright and early (Side note: not a whole lot of brightness throughout all day in South CO, Saguache area) for lek Gunnison sage grouse, I was told the weather was going to be ridonculous, the temperature was going to drop and the protocol for lek surveys is to watch from a long, long, long did I mention long? distance and sit in the car with the spotting scope. I went extra prepared and brought my yellow bulky ski jacket for the expected weather conditions, not a single sun ray hit the side of the mountain, therefore I was proud of my decision. It was overwhelming to see the lek displaying, at first I thought I spotted one but turned out these can be confused with rocks…. These are hard to spot due to a combination of their amazing camouflage skills with the snow And the long distance parking spot. I got to see a couple of these amazing creatures, first off their yellow air sacs are an insanely crazy physiological trait of theirs you get to see when they are showing off to the picky female sage grouses. And secondly, their yucca tail-like is a great way to ID them, makes them look even more majestic. I enjoyed seeing these puffy cute male ground birds plus the amazing knowledgeable company I had during the survey. We then after had a successful breakfast burrito in a local restaurant and called it a very successful week with a combination of fieldwork and office errands.
    More fun adventures to come in the next episode….
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