Since I started to work as an intern in North Central Washington, the internship, geological area and colleagues have introduced me to a new environment exploring the wonders of wildlife and habitats in Central Washington, while my interest in biology, ecology and botany increases  more and more.

Earth is always surprising us with its beauty and power as well as its vast diversity of life from its wonderful tropical rain forests to its awe-inspiring deserts, which makes you wonder how this variety of life is possible. Since I was a kid, I have been intrigued and fascinated by nature and wildlife searching for “mariquitas” and “sanpopas” in the schoolyard during recess. My family didn’t like too much outdoors activities, they didn’t even don’t know places to visit, but it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I was able to explore the nature world…hahaha.  I remember an adventure in Manuel Antonio, CRI looking at the curious white-faced capuchin monkeys jumping and playing on the trees, contemplating the “iguanas” taking the sun to warm up, walking through the forest and exploring the central pacific coast.

In Central Washington, the nature experience has been expanded to learn about this robust and magnificent environment and its wildlife. Exploring the bunch-grass prairie zone and sagebrush zone displaying its beauty from evergreen forest in the highest altitudes to its colorful and diversity of flowers and shrubs decorating the valleys.  Also, Washington has exposed its powerful and giant river, the Columbia River, supporting maritime life inside its cold water and breaking down in different spawning spots for fish such as the chinook salmon, sockeye salmon and bringing a home for bull trout fish.

In my opinion, Washington is one of the best places to study nature with its attractive and interesting variety of flora and fauna there is within a few miles of us. I also think we are all connected with nature regardless your location or age because there is an inexplicable feeling within you when you are exposed to nature and enforcing that relationship with nature fill yourself with joy and peace.

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