On March 20th, Tania and I went to our second shorebird survey at the Ballona Creek in Marina del Rey. It was a bright sunny day which is a big improvement from our last survey. In time we had already gotten a decent amount of shorebirds counted, from Willets and Least Sandpipers to Surfbirds and Marbled Godwits, and so the list goes on. The 3 miles I had once dreaded did not seem so bad anymore, instead it became quite enjoyable. The sea water was a beautiful blue, the sky was not clouded, and the gentle ocean breeze was extremely comfortable. Many ran and biked by but I didn’t regret spending that beautiful day walking cautiously scouting about looking for shorebirds hidding ever so diligently from my sight. At the end of the survey I was quite happy to spot a couple of Killdeer on my journey. The day ended wonderfully.

Categories: 2017 Interns

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