Hello again! Since the last time I posted, I have begun working in office at Earth Conservation Corps (ECC). I am excited to be there and even more excited I got to hit the ground running. My first week was an exciting one and the office staff only makes it better.


Prior to starting my first day, my site supervisor had told me to prepare for the Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest organized through Fish and Wildlife Services. The competition promotes conservation education in kids through art. There is an art competition in every state, DC, and several US territories. ECC was lucky enough to host the District of Colombia’s competition. We had biologists, Fish and Wildlife Services employees, Bureau of Land Management staff, and community members all come out to judge. We had three age categories with first place winners in each. Of those first place winners, one was selected as best in show will move on to the national competition in Charleston, South Carolina. There were some extremely talented kids who submitted their artwork and the winner definitely has a shot at making it far in the finals! It was warming to see how much these kids can learn through art.






I got to work on this task and help organize the judges as soon as I walked in on my first day. From minute one, I was put to work organizing judges, separating art, recording, and documenting the event. I love fast paced environments and ECC is going to be a great fit. Not only do I feel utilized, the staff really does feel like a family. A small permanent team of four, all members have been welcoming and more than happy to show me how things work in the office. I can’t wait to see what the coming projects are and how ECC will facilitate my growth in the coming months.


The first week was jam packed with more exciting details including a trail maintenance project. Tune in next week to find out all about it!



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