So I have been putting my editing skills to the test and have been making so many films. I count to have made six videos. Now if you are unfamiliar with video editing, I will let you know its not for the faint of heart. Depending on how long it is, it can take up to four days to make one video. Sitting in front of a computer for several days and trying to make precision edits and finalizations. In the office is not the most exciting thing to report on but somehow it’s still interesting. With the videos and planning Colorado’s biggest event for EFTA its nice and smooth. Yes of course it comes closer and closer and while some scatter, I try to keep a level head and make tough decisions of prioritizing. I feel really good about it and also I would like to note that I am making a special video for this year’s internship, so be on the look out!

Categories: 2017 Interns

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