Ever since I was a little girl I felt the need to be outside, playing with mud and bringing little to medium critters inside to the house (parents were not exactly pleased). I grew up in a big urban city called Chihuahua, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico which had very few green hot spots but I always made my way to spend most of my time outside. Fun fact: I had a sassy female Chihuahua dog that also lived in Chihuahua. She lived long enough to have a quinceañera event with a fluffy pink dress (a quinceañera is kind of the equivalent of a sweet sixteen in the US).

My name is Tifany Rubalcaba, age 22, I was born and raised in Mexico until I reached the age of 18 and moved to Grand Junction, Colorado to study Biology with a concentration emphasis on wildlife and vegetation. My chosen career pathway and avian research during school was due to my strong passion of conservation of our animal and plant species, and now with Environment for the Americas will be an amazing eye opener for me to keep working hard on our lovely avian species along with the San Luis Valley Bureau of Land Management staff located in Monte Vista, Colorado. I will be positioned in Blanca Wetlands, I am so excited to be in this great program and to keep y’all on the loop about the positive changes we will be doing during this 6 month period.


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