As I boarded the plane I wasn’t sure what to expect; a week later I was leaving with mixed feelings of sadness and excitement. Why? I would miss the amazing people I had come to meet and connect with, but I was more excited than ever to start my Environment for the Americas (EFTA) internship.

And hence my introduction; my name is Marysol Alvarez and I recently graduated from California State University of Monterey Bay (CSUMB) with a B.S in marine science. I will be working with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Marina, as well as the Elkhorn slough conducting shorebird surveys. Part of my internship requires me to give kayak tours, but that will be in a future post 🙂

I was born in Santa Cruz, CA and lived most of my childhood near the Boardwalk but moved to Watsonville at the age of 12 and have lived here since. Growing up with a proximity to the ocean, I have always had an interest in it from the moment I stepped into my second grade classroom and observed the decoration inside; the ceiling was draped with nets, entangled and surrounded with a colorful array of stuffed animal fishes. Fueled by the desire and curiosity of that youthful age, I decided my career would be in the science field. As I grew older, I realized not many people took the path I was taking, and while people told me it was hard, I assumed every other career was just as difficult. It wasn’t until 18 years of age I realized the disinterest of many towards my particular choice; especially those that were Latinos. I realized not many have the blessing I did of being surrounded by nature and supportive parents, but I hope that through this internship with EFTA I can be a role model and a flame for the current generation, and inspire, challenge,motivate and ignite them. I hope to increase my own field techniques and communication skills, and overall- reduce the gap in communication and disinterest between science and the public.

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Marysol Alvarez

Hello everyone!! I'm a recent CSUMB graduate and hence fresh marine scientist! I'm super excited to start this internship with EFTA and use my learned skills in real life, particularly in a field of interest!! Born in Santa Cruz, raised in Watsonville, Christian and total animal lover (particularly aquatic :), I hope you enjoy my blog as I write about this new adventure! cheers, and GOD BLESS!! ^_^/

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