I rose into the sky before the sun on Sunday morning from San Diego

I’m finally in Oregon! I flew out of San Diego early on Sunday morning arrived in Eugene via Salt Lake City. I was lucky enough to have gotten the window seat for both of my flights. Before landing in Salt Lake City, I looked out and was amazed at the mountains and the amount of snow that was on them. It was beautiful!

Mountains near Salt Lake City blanketed with snow

Flying over Eugene brought me back to the last time I was in Oregon. It instantly hit me that I was going to be living in this forest for the next five months. Upon landing in Eugene, I became excited to hear all of the birds that would be my neighbors. But then I remembered that I had to collect all of my belongings and scramble out of the plane to find my luggage at baggage claim.

I made it to Eugene

Once I got them I went out to meet Brian Hoeh, my supervisor. Although he had told me what the make and color of his car was, there was still that part in me that paused and just sort of felt weird about approaching a car that matched the description but I waved and we both knew we found who we were looking for. But it was really cool to finally put his face to his name. He is a wealth of knowledge! The drive from Eugene to Florence was amazing. Brian gave me a great introduction to the area and places we drove by. It was cool to hear about the ecology and about some of the history. Arriving at the housing was great, It was nice to see Gabie and Jhonny and to hear that we will be working a lot together.

Today was my first day on the job, I got my feet wet, figuratively and literally. I woke up to the sound of rain gently falling outside. I woke up early enough to sit outside with my breakfast and listen to the Mourning doves cooing, Stellar’s Jays squawking, woodpeckers drumming, and squirrels chipping. Brian and I drove up to Cape Perpetua, one of the few stations that I will be working at during the summer. And I finally got to see the Oregon Coast! I haven’t quite made it to the beach yet but I will soon! I met a few of the people that I will be working with this summer and I can’t wait to make it to the other stations and learn more about the Marbled murrelet and Western Snowy Plover.

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Ingrid Melvin · March 26, 2017 at 7:33 am

It sounds like you will get your share of rain while you are in Florence, Oregon. Continue to expand your knowledge on birds and retain as much information.

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