My name is Allen Cardenas. I’m Environment for the Americas’ newest intern stationed at Earth Conservation Corp in SE Washington D.C.! Born and raised in Modesto, California, I have been pursing a B.A. in both International Studies and Spanish at American University, here in DC. Environmental justice and political ecology are some of my biggest passions. I especially love seeing how they intersect with identity like race and class which is why this position is perfect for me!

I can’t wait to start my work with ECC. Aside from putting on the D.C. International Migratory Bird Day festival, I will also be working with local minority communities, environmental education, and promoting community engagement in the environment. Although I’ve just met the staff from both EFTA and ECC, I can easily say they have welcomed me with open arms. With this position, I hope to understand local issues facing gentrified communities and understand the barriers people face when trying to engage with the environment. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting information about the coming months!

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