Two weeks ago, on March 17, Tania Romero (my awesome partner for this internship) and I started our first shorebird survey with Emily Cobar (an awesome LA Audubon employee and former shorebird intern, aka our mentor at the moment) at the Ballona Creek in Marina del Rey. It was an extremely foggy day in which we were worried that we would not be able to spot any shorebirds. Not only did the weather become our obstacle but we had forgotten to bring the scope. The beginning of our walk was slow but in time we put our eyes to the test and discovered that there were many shorebirds to see. What had begun as a troubling day soon became a competitive challenge which we decided to test our skills. At the end of the survey, we had more shorebirds counted than we thought we would have that morning. As the saying goes, “That’s using what you got!” (this picture is of my partner looking for shorebirds in the fog)

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