I’m beyond excited to have finally been through my first week in the San Luis Valley BLM field office. My first day went by smoothly, for the most part of the morning were introductions and safety meetings. I was excited to meet the great staff I will be working for the next six months, I had to fill out paperwork to get me all into the government system, and ran a few errands around the office. The second day was an 11 hour work day, you might be thinking ughh.. that’s a long day, the total opposite, it was a beautiful morning, I got to see quite the diversity Blanca Wetlands offers such as a lot of the variety of avian species (I’ll get to see even more when more migratory birds come around in the season) due to the different habitats this site offers.

Interesting fact: Blanca Wetlands, CO has a higher salinity than the Great Salt Lake in Utah!!! Who would’ve thought there were way cooler places to visit and actually get to know. Blanca Wetlands also offers riparian vegetation, cultural resources, very interesting geological landscapes, and even more than one would think…. Jill, one of my supervisors gave me a very nice, informative tour about this area, she knows this place in even more detail than the palm of her hand, it was amazing to see her in action.

Back to the heavy physical duties, me and Portland (Blanca Wetlands maintenance technician)  picked up big ol’ rusty and heavy (over 300 lbs) pipelines that were by the road of Blanca Wetlands. We had to do quite a bit of towing and using the tractor throughout the day for maintenance. As you can see, I am trying poorly to show muscles in the picture, future musculature will be shown throughout the summer as I do more work (or that is my hope). Behind my all muscle arm, the beautiful Blanca peaks are also being shown in the photo which is a 14er that I plan to hike it then claim it as mine (because nobody has hiked it before, it’ll be named after me, sorry Miss Blanca) once the snow melts. Overall, I am overwhelmed to be working here with a great site and great folks down here!!

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