Hello everyone! Hope everyone’s week was great, and you all had some fun on April Fools day! This week has been busy to say the least, it has also been very productive though as well. Monday began with an interesting opportunity. Tifany and I  were asked to aid in soil collection from a designated

A look at the Sangre De Cristo Mountains from the Erosion Site located near Blanca Wetlands.

site near the Blanca Wetlands. The site consists of a communication tower, game camera and 108 soil collection bottles! These aluminum bottles are strategically placed on a sail-like rod with 4 bottles to a station. The collection bottles were placed at varying heights from the ground to measure erosion at different levels. We managed to collect and replace all 108 bottles by noon and checked that one off the bucket list! Wednesday we had a great opportunity to be in the presence of another EXPERIENCED birder, which is always nice! She was very familiar with the area and showed us all of the best survey points along our designated routes. We did quite a bit of birding that morning and it reminded me of the San Diego Training with the EFTA crew! We even managed to come across a porcupine hanging out in the top of a tree while on our routes! Shorebirds are about to arrive and the final preparations are being taken to make sure we have the most efficient means of surveying. The support we have received thus far has been outstanding and I’m sure it will continue. Tifany has been working hard on contacting local schools for outreach and we already have a couple field trips scheduled as well as some classroom sessions! We have been spending a lot of time preparing materials and planning for our time with the kids, I think both of us are excited to start the education portion of this internship. This will be a great experience to give back to the community and hopefully we can influence these children and their families to become more environmentally active. At the moment we are working on a few ideas for community outreach including a Blanca Wetland MVP (most valuable painting) contest, creatively named by the one and only Snowy plover and a pet calendar for local outreach. Things are looking good and hope everyone is doing well!

–Alex Mullins

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