It’s really easy to come home from work and sit down to binge-watch shows. But this week I’ve started making more of an effort to NOT do that.


Behind our bunkhouse is the Sutton campground. Tuesday night we went on a short hike to see if we could spot an owl. We did not. But we did find an awesome spot to stargaze. The next day  I decided to explore on my own. Trying to find the stargazing spot, I got lost. It was so beautiful it that it was worth it. It was around 8:30 AM and lightly drizzling. The birds were starting to sing as the sun started peeking out from behind the clouds.  I didn’t actually see the birds (sometimes I feel that I just take my binoculars out for a walk). But I did see a plethora of rough skinned newts.


After an hour or so of exploration, I left feeling relaxed and at ease. On Friday, I wanted to explore again but the winds were so strong the trees were falling. However, I was able to go again Saturday night and wander in the wonder that is the wild of Siuslaw.


I feel so lucky to be here, and to have such an amazing backyard. Streaming TV shows “isn’t got nothin’ ” on the trails! This area is so beautiful, I recommend a visit here to anyone and everyone.

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