I had a very busy week: I received feedback on the report: “ The Historical Presence of Waterfowl Birds Species at Siuslaw National Forest”, and presentations about “The Importance of Shorebirds for the Oregon Dunes Ecosystem” and “Siuslaw National Forest Western Snowy Plover Population to the US Forest Service Conservation Programs Team and Western Snowy Plovers Monitors. Writing this report, and preparing presentations for people who have been working in conservation for a long time has been an opportunity, but at the same time quite a challenge. First, there was almost no information about birds surveys at Siuslaw National Forest before the 70’s making it difficult to evaluate the presence and changes in abundances of species. Second, gathering all the information about western snowy plovers surveys since 1990 and narrowing it down without losing key points is important. Finally, breaking down the information in order to prepare a presentation for different types of audiences can be difficult, but it is crucial.


I really appreciated all the advice given by US Forest Service personnel and western snowy plovers monitors, all of their tips are going to be useful for my professional life. I also enjoyed and found productive the meeting we had with the western snowy plovers breeding monitors, they gave us better insights about how to improve our survey protocol for shorebirds and also they gave us a better idea about places to survey. They have been working with the plovers for many seasons and they are going to take us to survey survey in order to find nests and chicks, which is going to be great.

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