At Earth Conservation Corps, we aren’t worried about getting a little dirty, in fact, we love it! The ECC staff, its volunteers, and I love the outdoors which is why we do the work we do. We recently did a trail restoration just outside the city. Although the weather was less than optimal, we were more than happy to be outside and make the trail more accessible to community members.



A group of four set out to work with Park Ranger Jamie at Oxen Cove Park. The trail was pretty worn out and hadn’t been widely used in a while. Leaves and fallen trees were totally obscuring the paths. Aside from a few hidden markers on some tress, it was pretty difficult for visitors to navigate the trail. But with shovels ready, rakes in hand, and Ranger Jamie ready to guide us, we were determined to get the job done. For a half a mile, we raked away leaves to make a clear path and moved logs so the trail was more visible. There was a small storm the day of the project and it drizzled almost the entire time we worked, but that wasn’t going to stop us. A few short hours later, we cleared the half mile trail and made it navigable for visitors.


There hadn’t been any maintenance in a few years. Ranger Jamie has hopes that this new maintenance will encourage more visitors to the park and the farm and museum in the park as well. Oxen Cove Park provides educational opportunities for kids and families to learn about farm life, nature, and history. It’s a great place for a day visit. The work was extremely rewarding because I saw it as a valiant attempt to encourage people to get outdoors more and explore the nature in their very own backyard. I can’t wait for more projects like this with ECC in the future.


Check out Oxen Cove Park’s website here:



Catch ya next week!





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Jasmine Buries · April 12, 2017 at 7:14 pm

OH man that trail looks beautiful! Good job!

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